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The Interpretation Centre of Coal Mining
Mine Image
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Folleto del Centro de Interpretación de la Minería

Mine Image

The Mine Image is 1 km far from the museum in a place known as “Alto del Tomillo”.To get there, from the museum, you must leave Barruelo, direction to Aguilar de Campoo, and before reaching the level crossing (railway mining Barruelo-Quintanilla de las Torres), you have to divert to the left on the road leading to Vallejo de Orbo and Reinosa. After about 700 m, we will find the mine, and erected on its summit, a pit head frame has been donated and so, installed by the Town Council of La Union (Murcia).

The guided tour inside the mine is an opportunity to meet and assist “in situ”to some of the most interesting processes of extracting of coal. The two galleries, of 70 m each one, are located at different heights and communicated by two workshops. Inside the workshops alternative banks have been constructed, to observe the work performed by workers. The galleries are also roof using wood and metal pipe for the conveyance of water and air. Besides, a way to transport the cars has been installed to transport the coal.
The visitors can see the different layers of coal and earth, walls that have been drilled in and which the dynamite charges have been placed to simulate the explosion of a mine by means of real sounds.

To natural scale and with real tools, are the most significant aspects of starting of coal, inner transportation, tools, mining machinery etc….

The visit to the mine is made in the company of tour guides, monitors, who are responsible for explaining to visitors the work inside and outside of a coal mine, all bonding systems, machinery, ventilation, transportation, mineral extraction and boot, posteo materials and a lot of things , and of course to resolve any doubts that may arise during the visit.

(Contribution: Fernando Cuevas & Olga Fernández
Translation: Olga Fernández)

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